Beholding Jesus in His Amazing Grace

Enjoy these brief teachings that unveil the love, wonder, majesty, and grace of Jesus!

"When one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away." (2 Corinthians 3:16, NKJV)

"The One and Only Battle" - The greatest result of the revelation of grace is rest. Sometimes we battle to remain at rest because our minds stray for being fixed on Jesus to being fixed on the cares of the world. When we cast our cares on Him, we'll find ourselves in perfect peace.

"Neither Do I Condemn You" - The woman caught in adultery: Jesus was preoccupied with her freedom from condemnation, not her sin.

"Jesus, Our Healer" - Jesus became sin that we might become righteous and forgiven, and by His wounds we are healed. Are you sick? We hope this video will encourage you as you look to Jesus, our Healer.

"Jesus Is the Image of the Father" - He who has seen Jesus has seen the Father. When we see Jesus going to the cross for us, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and delivering those in bondage, we're seeing the Father’s heart of love for us.

"Blessed Because of Jesus" - Nothing was left out when Jesus hung on the cross for us. Stroke by stroke the full force of the entire curse of the law fell on Jesus. That’s why we are redeemed from the curse and should never receive any of the affects of it!

"The One Thing Needed" - Did you know that we can be drawn away from hearing Jesus because of serving Him? Jesus had a friend who understood "the one thing needed": hearing His word, and He called that "the good part which would not be taken away from her."

"Our Children Are Blessed because of Jesus" - When we pray on behalf of our families, we stand before the throne of grace as righteous sons of God! Jesus became a curse for us as parents that our children might be blessed.

"Jesus, Our Well that Never Runs Dry" - Jesus, our Savior who knows everything about us and loves us anyway, is our well of unending supply. He is the free gift of God who who quenches our thirst for unconditional love with His extravagant grace.

"Jesus, Our Victory" - In the finished work of Jesus we are victorious. He has conquered the enemies of sin, depression, poverty, and disease. When were they conquered? At the cross.

"Walking on the Waves with Jesus" - Just imagine Him walking on those waves 2000 years ago, and then see Him walking towards us on top of all our waves - our problems, fears, and circumstances. It’s all under His feet.

"Jesus, Our Provider" - If God didn't spare His only beloved Son, how will He not with Jesus freely gives us everything we need? Sometimes He'll ask us, "What do you have?" We state the facts in the natural and then watch Him provide while we receive the abundance of His grace.

"Bullseye" - God does not look at our flesh to judge us. God looks at Jesus and says to you, “You are justified. You are holy. You are a perfect new creation in Christ.”

"The Great Exchange" - At the cross the great exchange was made. God made Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

"The Cup" - Jesus drank the cup of suffering for us. He experienced on the cross all of the effects of sin and the curse for us - the shame, condemnation,  disease,  physical death, and forsakenness. What motivated Him? Love. 

"The Blood of Jesus Cleanses Us" - The blood of Jesus is the great demonstration of His love poured out for us so that we could be in inseparable union with God, seated in heavenly places forever.

"A Day in the Life of Jesus" - Jesus was perfectly balanced. He wasn’t moved by His circumstances. He was ever in a hurry, harassed, or even troubled. And now He lives His life through us!

"Woman with the Alabaster Box" - He who knows he is forgiven much, loves much. When we know we are forgiven much, we will know that we are loved much, and we love more!

"He Touched Me" - Under law uncleanness was contagious, but under grace, when Jesus touches us, His righteousness is contagious. Where sin abounds, His grace abounds much more.

"Jesus, Our Forever Servant" - Jesus chose to come for us out of His heart of love for us. He was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities, and He laid down His life as our forever servant.

"Celebrating Jesus at Christmas" - Jesus became flesh and blood for us, fully God and fully man, so that He could be our Lamb of God. From His humble birth to His life on earth to His death on the cross, Jesus came on a mission to save us so we could be with Him forever.