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Parresia has a vision for the pure, undiluted, scandalous Gospel of grace to spread to more and more people! Through the generous contributions of grace lovers who want to support local churches, Parresia would like to provide FREE Unveiling Jesus books and the 20-part DVD set to local church leadership teams and church planters, as long as we have the supply.

Unveiling Jesus has been recognized and acclaimed by many pastors and leaders as being a foundational resource for gaining understanding of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ and His finished work for us. 

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If you are a local church leader or you are launching a church and you are interested in receiving FREE Unveiling Jesus books and the corresponding 20-DVD set for your leadership team, please complete the form below. (Ships in US only)

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Praise for Unveiling Jesus from leaders:


“The person of Christ and what He accomplished through His finished work is clearly presented and brilliantly expressed. Clark Whitten, Pastor of Grace Church, Orlando, FL, and author of Pure Grace


“Unveiling Jesus is a classic on grace - from A to Z. It has the full spectrum of what the Bible teaches about grace. After the Bible, it is the best book on grace I have ever read. Rob Rufus, Pastor of City Church International Hong Kong
“This book is a banqueting feast inviting the reader to partake of the Lavish Grace of God.” Glenda Rufus, Pastor with her husband, Rob Rufus at City Church International Hong Kong

“Unveiling Jesus is a book uniquely born out of Tricia’s heart and experience; yet it demonstrates sound hermeneutic coupled with life-changing insight.” Bill Snell, President of Missionary Ventures, Orlando, FL

“I believe Unveiling Jesus should be required reading for pastors and leaders. It is rare to find a book that is very down to earth and easy to understand, yet filled with sound doctrine that is supported by Scripture.” Mark Machen, Pastor of Life of Faith Church, Birmingham, AL

TR and Michelle taking more books to the inmates who are being healed by God's grace!

“Do you wish you had a book that would answer your questions, lead you in the right direction, give you purpose in life, and help you see Jesus as He really is? If so, then this is the book for you. Line upon line, precept upon precept, and faith to faith. T.R. Harper, Jail Ministry