Ryan writes: "My wife Kylie and I are currently based in Hong Kong where we are full-time pastors at City Church International.  We arrived in Hong Kong in March 2005 by the call of God.  We are also the founders of New Nature Publications, a publishing house that produces books and other resources that are 100 percent grounded in the Gospel of Grace. We were married in July 1997 at the ages of nineteen and are ridiculously in love with each other still! We have four stunning children, Renae, Chloe, Kimberly and Asher. We love Jesus and are passionate about spreading the Gospel of grace that is full of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to help Christians see their salvation  and discover God's powerful nature in them."

Ryan is the author several books including The Clear Message of Grace, Extra Virgin Grace, Do Christians Still Have a Sinful Nature?, Sanctification by Grace, and After the Revolution. Check out Ryan's website here for more information and to order his EXCELLENT books.