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The Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series.

The Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part Bible study series was the first series released with the Unveiling Jesus book by Tricia Gunn. This series has been unavailable since 2106, but has now been re-released for video and audio download. Excerpts below.

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The following topics are covered in the Original Unveiling Jesus, 10-part study:

  • The opening of our spiritual eyes to the pure Gospel of grace and the finished work of Jesus

  • The role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer and God's heart towards all of us

  • The two trees in the garden of Eden, the fall of man, and how that relates to us today

  • Federal headship, super-abounding grace, union with Christ, and freedom from condemnation

  • What it means to be a new creation

  • The contrast between the Old Covenant of Law and the New Covenant of Grace

  • Abraham and the "righteousness of faith"

  • The error of the mixture of grace and law

  • The sonship we enjoy under grace

  • The eternal value of the blood of Jesus

  • The significance of the finished work of the cross

  • The sweet New Covenant truths of rest, faith, joy, and peace

Session 1 Preview, “The Gospel, Plain and Simple,” from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (49 minutes): Part 1A: "A Revelation of Jesus" (28 min, corresponding to Chapter 1 of the Unveiling Jesus book) - Jesus is our Savior. When Jesus died on the cross, He traded places with us: He became sin that we might become righteous and perfectly holy and blameless before God and worthy of every blessing from heaven. In the Gospel of Jesus Christ we'll find the power for everything we need in life - our salvation, healing, wholeness, deliverance, and provision. God's throne is called the "throne of grace," and the river of life flows from His throne to us. Jesus is the manifestation of grace. Everything was created by Him, through Him, and for Him; and in Him everything is held together. Jesus lives after the power of an endless life, and that is the life He has given to us by His grace. The most important thing we can do in life is to behold Jesus and hear Him. In fact, in Luke 10 Jesus Himself told His friend Martha that it was the "one thing needful." Why is beholding Jesus so important? Because whenever Jesus is unveiled to us, grace is being brought to us. Part 1B: "Grace and Truth vs. Religion" (21 min, corresponding to Chapter 2 of the Unveiling Jesus book) There are two main covenants that God has made with mankind: the Old Covenant of law and the New Covenant of grace. The purpose of the law was to point out sin, not to remove it. It was to make everyone guilty. It was to bring sinners to repentance, but the law is useless to believers. The law diagnoses our condition as sinner before we were saved, but it could not cure the condition. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can give us the righteousness that God desires. Today we are under the covenant of grace through the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus accomplished the purpose for which the law was given, so now all we need to do is believe it! In performance-based religion we see a mixing of the two covenants resulting in a consciousness of sin, insecurity, competition, burn-out, and feelings of unworthiness. However, when we experience the fullness of the New Covenant of grace, our lives will be marked with joy, peace, and freedom. Why? Because when we are under grace, we know we are loved unconditionally.

Session 2 Preview, “God’s Great Demonstration of Love,” from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (45 minutes): Session 2A: "Not Counting Our Sins Against Us" (29 min, corresponding to Chapter 3 of the Unveiling Jesus book) God demonstrated His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Jesus died for us and cleansed us from all unrighteousness. God is not counting our sins against us because they were counted against Jesus at the cross. Jesus has redeemed us from the curse, and God will never be angry with us or punish us. Today the Holy Spirit convicts the believer of the righteousness that has been given to us as a gift through the cross. The Holy Spirit is inside of us to testify of Jesus and to remind us of our identity in Him. He will never leave us nor forsake us! It seems that when we fall, God only wants us to see one thing: Jesus seated at the right hand of God. When we see Him, we instantly feel loved, and we immediately get back in the flow of the Spirit. Knowing we are righteous is the key to hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. His constant song is "I love you. You are My cherished child." Even when the Lord corrects us, it is always with a sense of love and freedom, never with shame, guilt, or fear. Sessions 2B: "The Love of God" (16 min, corresponding to Chapter 4 of the Unveiling Jesus book) Knowing that God loves us gives us peace. but we can't have true, resilient, long-term peace in our lives in all circumstances until we have peace in our conscience. It's the peace that sustains all other peace. It's the peace that reassures us that no matter what - even if we face horrible consequences for our own sin in this world, God is on our side, God will see us through, and God will make a way where there seems to be no way! We never need to fear that God will reject us. He loves us and sees us as the new creation that we have become through receiving the free gift of righteousness. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, our sins were taken away. If we doubt that the cross has removed all of our sins, we will work to cleanse our conscience. God wants us to simply receive His love, and not try to earn it. God displayed that He loves us with all His heart, soul, strength, and mind when He sent His Son to die for us. The more we know the love of God for us, the less fear we will have and the less this world will appeal to us. And the more we receive the love of God, the more we will love others. He who knows he is forgiven much, loves much.

Session 3A: "Christ's Righteousness vs. Self-Righteousness" (24 min, corresponding to Chapter 5 of the Unveiling Jesus book) God's original intent for mankind was that he be crowned with glory and honor. Adam and Eve once walked in that glory and honor, but lost it when they fell for the greatest deception of mankind: trying to be like God independent of God. When Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the consciousness of sin produced condemnation which produced self-righteousness. God put the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden to establish the principle that man has a choice to receive God's love to reject it, and to reveal that God will not relate to us based on our own righteousness. God will only relate to us through Christ's righteousness. When we put our faith in Jesus, we are crowned with His glory, and we bring honor to His name in the earth. When we look at the early church, we see displays of the supernatural power of God. They knew who they were in Christ. They knew what they had in Him. and they knew how to give it away. Think about the body of Christ today. It's simply not okay for sons and daughters of God to be treading water and waiting for the sweet by and by. It's not okay for the heirs of God to live this life in powerlessness. The Spirit of the resurrection dwells in us now! That glory, honor and power resides in us to be released! Session 3B: "Federal Headship" (17 min, corresponding to Chapter 6 of the Unveiling Jesus book*) So many believers, who at one time experienced joy unspeakable in their newfound freedom in Christ and who understood the unconditional love of God when they simply believed that Jesus died and rose again to forgive them of their sins, today are no longer living under those sunny blue skies basking in the joy of their salvation. Instead, the skies are gray. They feel free today and in bondage tomorrow. Why? Because sometimes they feel like they are "right with God" and sometimes they don't. How can we forever clear up this gray "getting right with God" mentality that many Christians are in bondage to and begin to live a life of freedom and power? It's the truth that sets us free. The truth of the New Covenant is not made complete until we understand the separating of the federal headship of first Adam from the federal headship of last Adam, Jesus Christ. If we are in Christ, we no longer have a sin nature. We are either in Adam's sin, or Christ's righteousness. It is in the revelation of the absolute, black and white change in federal headship for the human race that we can truly grab hold of who we are in Christ and then see all of the supernatural, miraculous power of God released and manifested in the earth.

Session 4 Preview, “Grace vs. Law,” from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (49 minutes): Session 4A: “The Abundance of Grace” (29 min, corresponding to Chapter 7 of the Unveiling Jesus book) For if by the one man's offense death reigned through the one, much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:17) When we rest in the finished work of the cross, we'll find ourselves living victoriously. We reign in life by receiving the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. When our eyes are opened to Jesus and His amazing grace, we will no longer be in held captive to performance-based religion, and the mentality of "do good, get good; do bad, get bad." We will live in the freedom of grace which says, "where sin increased, grace increased beyond measure." Grace isn't a license to sin. Grace is the answer to sin! At the cross, Jesus Christ identified with us. He became our identity so that we could be His. He stepped into our very lowest state so that we can receive His very highest. The highest realms of glory are ours. There is nothing that we are deprived of because there is nothing that He isn't worthy of. Why? Because there is no depth of darkness and depravity that He refused to absorb on our behalf. We have been co-crucified with Him and co-raised with Him. Session 4B: “Dead to Sin” (20 min, corresponding to Chapter 8 of the Unveiling Jesus book) If we are believers in Jesus Christ, we have died to sin! However, we shouldn't feel condemned and frustrated with ourselves because we still sin. Instead, we need to reckon ourselves as dead to the charges against us, the condemnation from sin, the penalty of sin, and the power of sin. It's only when we believe that God is not counting our sins against us that we will have the power to overcome sinning. Sin does not have power over us because we are under grace and not under law! If we believe right, we will live from the inside out. When we set our minds on things above and the eternal truths of the Spirit, and we renew our minds to God's word, the power of sin in the flesh will be no match for us. As partakers of Christ's divine nature in our spirit, through our union with Him, and by the power of the Holy Spirit within, we have complete dominion over sin, over satan, and over the flesh.

Session 5 Preview, “Living from the Inside Out” from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (47 minutes): Session 5A: “Joined to Jesus” (25 min, corresponding to Chapter 9 of the Unveiling Jesus book) Today every believer is joined to Jesus, and able to access the riches of His grace. Every demand of this life is supplied through Him. If we continue to see life through the perspective of the law, we will live in our own strength. The Bible says that living in self-effort arouses sinful passions. We try to perfect ourselves in the flesh, and find out that we have actually thrown wood on the fire of fleshly desires. The strength of sin is the law. The law is holy, just, and good, but it cannot make you holy, just, and good. The flesh is completely incapable of overcoming sin or making us perfect. We simply need to renew our minds to the truth that apart from Jesus we can do nothing. As awesome as it is to be free from the law, that's not the good part. The good part is being joined to Jesus who is our endless well of supply. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! Session 5B: “God Is For Us” (22 min, corresponding to Chapter 10 of the Unveiling Jesus book) Is there any sweeter truth than "there is therefore now no condemnation"? At the end of the day when we've messed up, and we've done all we could do in our strength to make things right, to give our side of the story, to lick our wounds, earn our way back, and to start afresh, don't we just want to hear, "Child, it's okay. I've got it." God doesn't assess us based on what we've done, He assesses us based on what He's done for us. In Christ there is no condemnation. We have been delivered from the law of sin and death and the kingdom of darkness, and we've been brought into the light of the kingdom of God's beloved Son. The cross of Jesus Christ cut away the "old man" from the flesh, and the "new man" was born as a completely new creation with the "want to's" of the Holy Spirit inside. Living in the Spirit will produce a progressive expression of the inward reality that we have been sanctified. We have been made holy and separated from this world unto God. Now nothing can separate us from God's love.

Session 6 Preview, “Jesus Unveiled” from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (59 minutes): Session 6A: “The Letter Kills, The Spirit Gives Life” (30 min, corresponding to Chapter 11 of the Unveiling Jesus book) In the scriptures, Paul referred to the Old Testament law as the "letter that kills." What does that mean for us today? The "letter that kills" for us is the system of religion and legalism where we serve God and work to please Him in order to earn His favor and His love. God's desire for us is that we receive His love based on His faithfulness to us, not on our faithfulness to Him. In the Old Testament, we see a beautiful time in the history of ancient Israel where God demonstrated His heart of grace. In that special two month period between the Israelites' great Exodus from the bondage of Egypt and their arrival at the foot of Mount Sinai where they receive the law, we see several unveilings of Jesus which give us a picture of God's desire for us to trust Him and simply receive from His goodness. Session 6B: “The Veil Is Removed” (29 min, corresponding to Chapter 12 of the Unveiling Jesus book) Paul called the Ten Commandments the "ministry of death" and the "ministry of condemnation." Why? Because none of us can live up to the standards of God's law, and the more we try, the more condemned we will feel. It's deadly! The Good News is that the glory of the "ministry of the Spirit" and the "ministry of righteousness" in the New Covenant of grace far exceeds the condemnation of the Old Covenant. The veil of condemnation of the law blinds the eyes of unbelievers to the light of the glory of Jesus, but when one turns to Jesus, the veil of condemnation is removed and there is freedom! Under law, people were afraid of the Lord. Under grace, we run to Him. It's only through His grace that we can see the shining light of His glory and run towards it instead of away from it. Why? Because the "ministry of the Spirit" inside of us declares that we are righteous. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ! And when the veil is removed, we behold Jesus and we are transformed into His image from glory to glory.

Session 7 Preview, “Father Abraham” from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (53 minutes): Part A: Do You Trust Me? (26 min, corresponding to Chapter 13 of the Unveiling Jesus book) In the unconditional covenant of grace that God made within Himself on behalf of Abraham, God's favor never relied on Abraham's character nor his conduct. That covenant was based on Abraham's FAITH, not his faithfulness. It relied on the faithfulness of God and was a picture of the New Covenant that was to come. As believers, we are Abraham's spiritual descendants, and he is the father of our faith. If we are in Christ, we are "Abraham's seed." Abraham was blessed by God, and the way he received the blessing was by BELIEVING that he was righteous before God; therefore, we are blessed, and the way we receive the blessing of God is by believing that we are righteous. Simple. However, this was not the case under the Old Covenant of law. Under the law, God's favor on the people relied on their character and conduct. When we contrast the Abrahamic covenant of grace with the covenant of law given to Moses, we'll see how understanding the change in covenants unveils the relationship God wants us to enjoy with Him and the means by which we are qualified to receive His favor. Part B: Righteousness of Faith (27 min, corresponding to Chapter 14 of the Unveiling Jesus book) The Father has qualified us to be co-inheritors with Jesus because we have been made as righteous as Jesus is. There is no way that we could have qualified ourselves through our performance. If we are working for God's favor, it becomes a debt, and not a gift. We can't believe that we're righteous by what we do and still believe we're righteous as a gift. When we rely on behavior to qualify us for the favor of God, our faith becomes useless. God wants us to simply believe Him. Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous through his faith. Even when the promises of God didn't come to pass immediately, Abraham didn't waver in his faith. He kept having a good opinion of God, and he saw the promises of God come to pass. The message for us: the righteous are never condemned and will never be limited to only what is possible in the natural realm. God even gives life to the dead and calls forth things that do not exist as though they do!

Session 8 Preview, "Undiluted Grace" from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (51 minutes): Part A: Law + Grace = Another Gospel (28 min, corresponding to Chapter 15 of the Unveiling Jesus book) The book of Galatians is an amazing letter of encouragement to all of us who have been ambushed by grace and have been so gloriously undone by grace that we simply can't go back to the mixture of grace and law. Paul pronounced a double curse on anyone who would preach any other message than the Gospel of grace. He wrote the letter to the churches in Galatia to combat teaching by false brethren who wanted to bring works back into the church. These men were seducing the people to believe that Jesus alone wasn't enough for salvation. They were bringing back the carrot on the end of the stick: "You must do this and do that for God to accept you. You must keep the law to maintain your salvation." Paul was astounded with the Galatians who were allowing this teaching in their churches, and his language in this letter is forceful and even fierce at times. Why? Because if righteousness could be obtained through our rule-keeping, then Christ died unnecessarily. May it never be! Part B: sonship (23 min, corresponding to Chapter 16 of the Unveiling Jesus book) Grace is and always has been God's heart for man! The law isn't opposed to grace because it was never intended to express God's approach towards a relationship with man. The law is NOT the basis of God's assessment of man. Faith is. A sinner who rejects Jesus is alienated from the life of God, not because he has been disobedient - his sin has been paid for and is not counted against him! He is alienated from the life of God because he rejects God's grace. The law isn't a negation of God's promises because it had a purpose to lead us to the promises of God. Under law, God was the Judge. Under grace, God is our Father. The presence of the Spirit of God inside of us proves that we are sons and daughters of God. As children of God we do not need to fear judgment from Him. The spirit of sonship brings with it a sense that we are right with Him. The spirit of a slave brings with it the sense that we need to perform to earn the right to be in God's presence. God does not want us to have a formal uncomfortable relationship with Him that is based on fear. He wants us to have the spirit of sonship which gives us the freedom and privilege to call Him “Daddy."

Session 9 Preview, "Entering the Holiest" from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (54 minutes): Part A: The Eternal Blood of Jesus (24 min, corresponding to Chapter 17 of the Unveiling Jesus book) The blood of Jesus gives us eternal redemption and the freedom to live with a perfect conscience before God. In the New Covenant God says He will remember our sins no more! Yes, the news seems to good to be true, but it's true. If He is not remembering our sins, why do we keep bringing them up? He wants us to have a sin-free consciousness. If our conscience isn't cleansed, we will perform dead works to be righteous. The more people think that God demands righteousness by performance, the more they say, "I can't live this Christian life. It's just too hard for me!" But in reality, the Christian life is not too hard - it's impossible! There's only one Person who lived up to the standards that God's holiness requires, and His name is Jesus Christ. We simply allow Him to live through us by resting in Him. The first thing we need to know, though, is that we are holy and blameless at the core of who we are. Part B: One Sacrifice For Sins Forever (25 min, corresponding to Chapter 18 of the Unveiling Jesus book) The one sacrifice of the Lamb of God has cleansed us from sin forever, and when Jesus had purged our sins, He sat down at the right hand of God. He "sat down" because the work is finished! Our sins have been remitted. In other words, they have been let go as if they had never been committed. Therefore, there is nothing required of us to make ourselves accepted by God. We'll never be more accepted, and we'll never be less accepted. Given that fact, we can enter the Holy of Holies - the presence of God - with cheerful courage and no reservation. The old way of the law was deadly. Jesus' flesh, His body, was torn for us so that the way to the presence of God was opened forever. Today the more we enjoy His Presence, the more our minds, our emotions, and our bodies are renewed and refreshed. It's a fresh and life-giving way!

Session 10 Preview, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" from the Original Unveiling Jesus 10-part series which corresponds to the Unveiling Jesus book, written by Tricia Gunn. Description of the full length teaching (60 minutes): Part A: Rest (26 min, corresponding to Chapter 19 of the Unveiling Jesus book) Spiritual rest is the greatest result of the revelation of grace. When God made man, He intended for everything to flow from rest. He made man on the 6th day so that man would have nothing to do but enjoy all of God's creation. This is a picture of the rest that God wants us to enjoy in Christ. Fear and rest cannot co-exist. If we are in fear, there is something about God we are not believing, or there is a sense that the work is not finished. God has called for us to cease from our works as He did from His. Today our Promised Land is the realm of RESTING in the finished work of the cross. We can rest in every word that God has spoken. We can rest in everything provided in the great exchange at the cross. Our obedience of faith is simply to trust and obey the Spirit of God as He orchestrates and directs our paths through life. Part B: Peace (34 min, corresponding to Chapter 20 of the Unveiling Jesus book) Jesus left us with the most valuable and practical thing He could give us: PEACE. The kind of peace Jesus left us with is not the kind the world can give us. It's not false, shallow, unsatisfying and temporary. The only requirement He gave us is to simply "let not our hearts be troubled." If Jesus is with us, no storm of life can overcome us. Whatever the storm is, the answer is to see Jesus walking on top of it. We turn our eyes upon Jesus because truly He is the Son of God. When we let peace reign in our hearts through faith, everything around us becomes dim in the light of His glory and grace!