Grace Answers with Mark Machen and Tricia Gunn

Watch video here. Question and answer session concerning the Gospel of Grace with Tricia Gunn, founder of Parresia, and Mark Machen, pastor of Life of Faith Church. Questions in this session: 

  • Is Grace present in the Old Testament or only the New Testament?

  • How can I determine if I am listening to or reading mixture or pure Grace?

  • How do “once saved, always saved” and the “unpardonable sin” fit into Grace?

  • If our sins are not being held against us, then is there a penalty for sin?

  • How does the “White Throne of Judgement” fit into Grace?

  • Are your mind, will, and emotions required to read and meditate on the Word (how are we transformed)?

  • How do the passages in Hebrews 6 and 10 fit into the concept of “eternal security”?

  • What about 1 John 1:9?

  • In Grace, how do you handle church discipline?

  • What about giving and tithing?

  • Does God have wrath towards non-believers? Is God judging our nation?

  • Did God write the 10 Commandments on our hearts when we were saved?

  • Do I need to war to defeat the Devil?

  • If Jesus died for everyone, is everyone saved?

  • How do Grace and the power of God work together?

For a thorough foundational explanation of grace, order Tricia Gunn's excellent book Unveiling Jesus, which has been described by pastors and leaders as the "A to Z of grace."