20 Questions, 4-part series

Click here to view four video sessions.

In these four sessions the following questions about the Gospel of Grace are answered:

1. Don't we need to balance grace and truth? Can't you have too much grace?

2. Am I a “sinner saved by grace?”

3. Doesn't God want me to work on my sin so that I will improve?

4. Does God command me to love Him with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind?

5. Is the Holy Spirit’s role in my life to convict me of sin?

6. What about confession of sins. Do I need to confess my sins in order to be forgiven?

7. Does sin even matter to God?

8. Do I fall out of fellowship with God when I sin?

9. Does repent mean to change my behavior?

10. I know I'm forgiven, but that's only for my past sins, right?

11. I have tried to die to sin. Why isn't it working?

12. Will there be a video tape of my sins played on judgement day?

13. How do I read the words of Jesus in the Gospels? They scare me sometimes!

14. Should I abstain from the Lord's supper if I have sinned?

15. Do I have a sin nature?

16. Am I being sanctified little by little as I improve my behavior?

17. Do I put myself under a curse when I sin?

18. They say the devil is a defeated foe. How come I still feel like I need to defeat him?

19. What is the yoke of bondage?

20. Why do we need to pray if the work is finished?

For a thorough foundational explanation of grace, order Tricia Gunn's excellent book Unveiling Jesus, which has been described by pastors and leaders as the "A to Z of grace."