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A Revelation of Jesus - Jesus traded places with us: He became sin that we might become righteous.

Grace and Truth vs. Religion - Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ who established a better covenant based on better promises. The old has gone, the new has come!

Not Counting Our Sins Against Us - God is not counting our sins against us because they were counted against Jesus at the cross.

The Love of God - God displayed that He loves us with all His heart, soul, strength, and mind when He sent His Son to die for us.

Christ's Righteousness vs. Self-Rightesouness - When we put our faith in Jesus, His righteousness is given to us as a free gift.

Federal Headship - Every person is either in Adam’s sin or Christ’s righteousness. You can't be in two places at one time.

The Abundance of Grace - We reign in life by receiving the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness.

Dead to Sin - Sin does not have power over us because we are under grace and not under law!

Joined to Jesus - Every believer is joined to Jesus, and able to access the riches of His grace.

God Is For You - Now nothing can separate us from God’s love.

The Letter Kills, The Spirit Give Life - The Old Testament law as the “letter that kills,” but under the New Covenant, the Spirit gives life!

The Veil Is Removed - When the veil of condemnation is removed, there is freedom!

Do You Trust Me? - The New Covenant of grace is based on the faithfulness of God, not the faithfulness of man.

Righteousness of Faith - Righteousness is a gift. We can’t believe that we’re righteous by what we do and still believe we’re righteous as a gift.

Law + Grace = Another Gospel - If righteousness could be obtained through our rule-keeping, then Christ died unnecessarily.

Sonship - The spirit of sonship brings with it a sense that we are loved, accepted, approved of, and right with our Father.

The Eternal Blood of Jesus- The blood of Jesus gives us eternal redemption and the freedom to live with a perfect conscience before God.

One Sacrifice for Sins Forever - The one sacrifice of the Lamb of God has cleansed us from sin forever.

Rest - Spiritual rest is the greatest result of the revelation of grace.

Peace - Jesus left us with the most valuable and practical thing He could give us: PEACE.

Overcoming Doubt - What is the key to having faith to move mountains? The key is overcoming doubt.

The Foundation of Our Faith - No other foundation can anyone lay but Jesus Christ.

Righteousness - what happened at the cross? - What did Jesus accomplish for us?

Rest - how does knowing we are righteous affect our lives? - Faith is looking to Jesus and simply receiving what He has already provided by His grace.

Reality - how does rest give us God’s heavenly perspective? - As Jesus is so are we in this world.

A Picture of Jesus - The tabernacle of Moses was a beautiful picture of the mercy and love of God for us.

Jesus, Jesus, JESUS! - Jesus has become for us everything for us.

Jesus, Our All In All - Jesus came from heaven to reveal God so that we can know Him. 

Jesus, Our Lamb of God - Jesus became our identity so that we could be identified with His. 

Jesus Carries Us to Heaven - We can come with fearless confidence before the throne of grace knowing that we are righteous children of God.

Is Everyone Saved? - As many as received Him, to them He gives the right to become children of God.

Freedom from the Yoke of Bondage - When we believe the truth about what Jesus has done, we will live free from self-effort, self-consciousness, and fear.