I AM Free because of Jesus

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"I AM Free because of Jesus" is a course designed to lead each person into real, lasting freedom from any bondage; including shame, guilt, fear, addictions, depression, and even the bondage of trying to measure up with God.

“I AM Free because of Jesus” is a series for all believers who desire to walk in the freedom given to us through the finished work of Jesus at the cross. Each scripture-packed message is a declaration of our liberty and establishing our identity in Christ. The sessions are entitled, I AM Complete, I AM Loved, I AM Forgiven, I AM Cleansed, I AM Holy, I AM Righteous, I AM a Child of God, and I AM More than a Conqueror. Each session unveils the person and work of Jesus, who we have become as a new creation in Him, and how receiving by faith the freedom He has purchased for us will transform our lives. 

“I AM Free because of Jesus” is for anyone who is ready to stand fast in the liberty in which Christ has made us free, and never be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Knowing and believing who we are in Christ is the key to living in freedom every day!