Not a Care in the World

I am big on visuals.  Always have been.  Charts, graphs, maps… you name it, I want to see it.  In life, I have two choices: I can see my physical world and its circumstances, or I can see my reality in the spiritual realm.  

(I have to stop and give a disclaimer here.  This is one way that Jesus has revealed Himself to me.  He could show you something completely different or show you different details.  My point in telling you this is to maybe help give someone out there a visual in your mind.  A visual that you can refer back to often and brings peace and hope with it!) 

Since I am in Christ and seated in the heavenly realms, I often see myself as a child sitting in Jesus’ lap.  He is kind and gentle with a soft smile and warmness in His eyes.  He is my true love, my protector and my daddy all in one.  He often shows me His hands.  The holes in His hands testify to me about who He is and how loved I am.  Those hands remind me that He has taken care of everything.  He has paid for my sin and now I can enjoy His righteousness. 

Until recently, I had Jesus and myself seated, but in a more formal way.  Kind of like a child on Santa’s lap for a picture.  One day I was visualizing sitting in Jesus’ lap and I felt the Lord say to me, “Do I have a care in this world?” I hesitantly responded “no?” unsure of my answer.  He told me that He was a total peace, without a care in the world.  Next He asked me if I had a care in the world.  Before I could answer, He reminded me that all the cares of the world…shame, guilt, rejection, sickness, sin…He took on the cross.  I don’t have a care in the world.  He took them.  He took our issues and exchanged them for peace, righteousness and rest.   I relaxed our posture in my visual.  I visualize myself even more protected than before.  He is so tender and good.  We rest in Him!  

By Marianne Jenkins