Take the Jacket Off!

Ever try to take a big winter jacket off without unzipping it? You can struggle and struggle, pulling, pushing, and straining but you will probably just end up red-faced and frustrated and a little embarrassed if anyone was watching. But if you just unzip the big jacket, it just slides right off, no problem. Why? Because that’s the way it was designed.

Many times Christians who trying to get free from an area of sin in their life look like someone trying to get a big heavy winter jacket off without unzipping it. They can struggle and struggle, fighting, pushing, and pulling, but many times they just end up red-faced, frustrated and ashamed.

The problem is the dominion of sin isn’t conquered through will power; it’s conquered through Jesus and his grace. Before the big heavy jacket of sin’s dominion can be removed, we must first unzip the Condemnation off of someone’s life. Freedom from condemnation comes FIRST then freedom from the dominion of sin follows. Just like the zipper on the big heavy winter jacket must first be unzipped, then the jacket easily comes off.

So it is with sin, Jesus took the punishment for our sin. He bore the shame, and he was condemned on the cross for us. Now that we are in him, there is NOW NO CONDEMNATION!!! When you remove the condemnation, you remove the power of sin to cling to you. But only Jesus and his grace can unzip that heavy burden of sin and shame and call forth that beautiful new creation that YOU really are in him.

As a Christian you’re going to make mistakes but don’t let the devil put you in a strait jacket of condemnation. NO!!! You keep your eyes on Jesus and his finished work and enjoy his wonderful grace and live the free life from the dominion of sin. YOU are the righteousness of God.

YOU are forgiven. YOU are loved. TAKE THE JACKET OFF!!!

By Jeremiah Johnson