You’ve Gotta Quit Calling Yourself a “Sinner!"

Sad to say but it’s a popular opinion among Christians in the Bible Belt. I hear it often, “I’m still a sinner,” or “I’m just and old sinner, saved by grace.” For anyone born-again that statement is not just a little wrong….it’s a lot wrong! It’s got an ugly ‘whang’ to it if you ask me. And the reason it “just don’t set well” with me is that it’s a slap in the face to the Father and to the work that Jesus completed. It’s a topic of great controversy around the church today.

Jesus either finished the work…or He didn’t! He didn’t say, “It is finished, but…!”….and then leave us a long list of things we have to do to complete that work. He just simply said, “It is finished!” And so it was! His Word tells us clearly that we are born again of "incorruptible seed." 

You’ve been washed, you’ve been sanctified, you’ve been justified.…at least that’s what the Bible says about you! So, you’ve been ‘infused’ with the DNA of God, Himself! You have the seed of perfection growing inside of you. Your very nature has been transformed. You’re being conformed into the image of Jesus. And to still declare that you’re a sinner is just flat out wrong…’s incorrect theology!

I would agree that we often fall short in how it all fleshes out. But the reality is…’re already forgiven. I know that’s hard to encompass (and you’ve probably been told different), but it just "showcases" the grace and the goodness of God! We’re His sons and daughters now! If you’ll receive the truth of that…it’ll change everything for you.

Your nature now is one of righteousness… you’re NOT a sinner.

And somewhere along the way you need to quit calling yourself that!! 

By Andy Taylor from The Way I See It