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I treasure the moving testimonies we receive from the hearts of people who have been transformed by the life-changing power of the gospel of the amazing grace of Jesus. We receive stories from all over the world of lives that have been ambushed by God’s grace through our teaching ministry and TV program.

As the leader of this ministry, my deepest desire is for every person on the earth to be set free to experience the extravagant love of Jesus and the unspeakable joy that the gospel brings. 

Will you join me in this endeavor? Would you consider financially supporting Parresia?

Your financial support would be a great help as we unveil Jesus to more and more through our online TV broadcasts, conferences, podcasts, teaching series, and grace-filled materials. Investment in professional studio production, creation of high quality materials, and launching new media technology are some of the ways that your partnership would enable us to expand the work that we are already accomplishing to boldly share the Good News of amazing grace.

    Tricia Gunn     , Founder of      Parresia

Tricia Gunn, Founder of Parresia

This year we have entered a new season of greater opportunity, potentially reach millions with the pure message of grace. We launched a new talk show on Andrew Wommack’s online TV network, Gospel Truth TV. On “A Real View of the Grace Life,” our panel of ladies share how grace has utterly and completely changed their lives. We are also in the process of launching a new course entitled “I AM Free” which focuses on living in freedom every day by knowing our identity in Christ. In addition, I am writing a book to accompany the series which I believe will have as great an impact as Unveiling Jesus has had in laying out a scriptural foundation for the message of grace and the freedom we have through Jesus. Also, we have launched a new “Q & A Podcast” where we answer listeners’ questions about grace. Does grace seem too good to be true? Well, we look to the scriptures to find answers. We continue to host conferences and retreats, such as the annual Birmingham Grace Conf. and the Texas Grace Leaders’ Retreat. This retreat in the Dallas area was especially dear to my heart. We gathered women leaders from across Texas to build relationships and encourage them to keep on keeping on spreading this life-changing message of God’s grace. We look forward to hosting more Grace Leaders’ Retreats in the future.

And that’s only what we’re doing today - we have much more planned for the future! Join us today. Be part of the tsunami of grace that is ambushing lives all over the world!

Always and forever in His grace,

Tricia Gunn, Founder of Parresia


Parresia is a Greek word that means boldness. Our mission is to boldly declare the gospel of grace so that people will boldly receive everything accomplished in the finished work of Jesus Christ. And that's just what we're doing every day! We receive messages from all over the world of lives that have been ambushed by God’s grace through our ministry and TV program. Here are a few of those testimonies… 

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More on the ministries of Parresia:

  • Producing a new weekly TV talk show called "A Real View of the Grace Life" where a panel of women who have been ambushed by the amazing grace of Jesus Christ discuss how their eyes are opening more and more to what was accomplished for them at the cross and how they are personally applying the truth of the Gospel to their own lives.

  • Developing the “I AM Free” video Bible study series with a new book focused on our identity in Christ. The purpose is living in freedom every day from any bondage; including shame, guilt, fear, addictions, depression, and performance-based religion.

  • Hosting conferences and Parresia Gatherings held locally and in other cities for worship, teaching, and testimonies.

  • Production of more in-depth video teaching series, brief Beholding Jesus videos, Grace Encounter videos, and Grace Questions videos and making teachings available online. We are continually adding video and audio excerpts and full length teachings to our website. See "messages" on the navigation bar above for teachings.

  • Prison ministry using Unveiling Jesus and providing FREE books to inmates. We have also been able to provide free books to other ministries, such as addiction recovery and the rescued victims of human trafficking. About 1000 books have been given away to these ministries so far!

  • The Grace Upon Grace Scripture Card ministry. These personalized scripture cards encourage the recipients with the grace and love of Jesus Christ, their identity in Him as a new creation, and the wonder of His finished work on the cross. We've expanded this ministry to include personalized Healing Grace Scripture cards and scripture cards for children.

  • Continuing the Grace Nugget blog from a variety of grace authors.

  • Generously sowing into other grace-based ministries and churches.

  • Becoming a hub for “All Things Grace” from the broader grace community such as blogs, books, teachings, and music.

  • Developing ministry school called “All Things Grace” to train leaders. (Dreaming stage)

…and this list will grow as the vision unfolds…

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