Faith To Move My Mountains

This 2-part series by Tricia Gunn is on how grace and faith work together so that we can have faith to move mountains! We are righteous sons and daughters of God and because of Jesus, nothing is impossible for us! 

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Part 1, "Overcoming Doubt" -Description: Jesus told His disciples that if they had faith and did not doubt, they could move a mountain. What is the context of Jesus making that statement? What is the key to having faith to move mountains? The key is overcoming doubt. As we study the word “doubt” we’ll find that it’s simply unbelief in what God has said about us - unbelief in the finished work of Jesus that has made us righteous sons of God. When we determine to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified, there will be no limits on the abundant life that God has called us to. (Full length teaching about 51 min)

Part 2, "The Foundation for Our Faith" - Description: No other foundation can anyone lay but Jesus Christ. His righteousness given to us as a free gift is the foundation for our faith, our relationship with God, our identity as sons, and our qualification as heirs. It is because of Jesus the we live and breathe and have our being. It is because of the cross that we have been set apart from life to death, cursing to blessing, sickness to health, sadness to joy, and fear to freedom. (Full length teaching  about 46 min)

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