Resting in a Face Paced Life?

Grace released the Gift of Righteousness at the Cross. Love flung fear from our realm. Freedom empowers us to rise up and rest with Jesus in our heavenly reality. 

He is Grace. 

He is Love. 

He is Freedom. 

He wants us to enjoy Union with Him. As our minds rest in Him, we experience the ability to breathe deep and be ourselves. Circumstances no longer dictate our joy and peace. Jesus's constant supply fills our body and souls. 

Unending security and acceptance flow. 

Grace locks eyes with us. 

The calendar is full. Kids are calling and tasks seem unending.   Regardless, Rest and Peace flood the moment. 

We hear Him say, "Trust the dreams and desires that flow through you. I will give you the energy for what you need to accomplish.  This is the Spirit-led adventure. Grace and Rest will never run out!"

By Leah Waggoner