Who Am I?

Who am I?

I have been called stupid, crazy, stubborn, inept, insane, ugly, fat, and a WHOLE LOT of expletives I am withholding. I have been told "there is no hope for you", "you are gonna be just like_____" (insert name of someone they consider negative).

Then people started calling me courageous, brave, a warrior, beautiful, intelligent and a WHOLE LOT of great things. They told me I would go far if I kept working hard.

I have resembled them all, both sides. I even resented them all, both sides. One side confirmed my own negative thoughts of myself and the other side made me feel I had to perform to meet their expectations.

Yet NONE of them define me ANYMORE.

Good morning! I am a Child of God, and my name is Tajuan.

He is The One that defines me now. Thank You Lord!

Who is defining you?