Beholding Jesus in the Tabernacle is a series by Tricia Gunn

Excerpts below. Purchase video and audio downloads of the full length messages here.

Description: Did you know that everything in the Tabernacle of Moses points to Jesus and His great demonstration of love for you? Every detail points to God’s heart of love, mercy, and grace towards us. The gospel of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ is declared by the this beautiful picture of heaven itself, which beckons us to come boldly [Greek: “parresia”] before the throne of grace with no shame and no hesitation. Come freely, with fearless confidence that God is always for you! 

Session 1: "A Picture of Jesus." Watch video excerpt here. Listen to audio excerpt here.  Description: The tabernacle of Moses was a beautiful picture of the mercy and love of God for us. Even in the midst of an era of the condemnation of the law, God made provision for man to approach Him because of His heart of grace. Every detail is a shadow of better things to come in Jesus. (full length message, 61 min)

Session 2: "Jesus, Jesus, JESUS!" Watch video excerpt here. Listen to audio excerpt here. Description: What qualified Jesus to be our High Priest and our One Sacrifice for Sins forever? Who is He? This clear and concise spotlight on the Person of Jesus should take your breath away! Jesus is our all in all. He has become for us everything for us. The Son of God came from heaven to become the Son of Man so the we - the sons of men - might become sons of God. No one else could have saved us. No other blood could have washed our sins away. (full length message, 68 min)

Session 3: "Jesus, Our All In All." Watch video excerpt here. Listen to audio excerpt here. Description: Jesus came from heaven to reveal God so that we can know Him. He came on assignment to bring a better covenant based on better promises - promises relying 100% on His faithfulness, not ours. Jesus is our all in all. Everything in His life spoke of His resolve to redeem us, and every facet of His life emitted a sweet aroma to the Father. (full length message, 50 min)

Session 4: "Jesus, Our Lamb of God." Watch video excerpt here. Listen to audio excerpt here. Description: Jesus became our identity so that we could be identified with His. He stepped into our very worst so that we can receive His very best. The present ministry of the Holy Spirit is to remind us of what our Lamb of God has accomplished for us and to testify of Him. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, God has included us in everything that He is because He has joined Himself to us and will never separate Himself from us. Because of the work of Jesus to cleanse us from all sin, we are now the light of the world to reflect the glory of Jesus in the world. (full length message, 68 min)

Session 5: "Jesus Carries Us To Heaven." Watch video excerpt here. Listen to audio excerpt here. Description: The night He was betrayed, Jesus prayed that we would be one in Him as He and the Father are one. In order for that to happen, His body would become the veil that was torn to open the way for us to have free and fresh access to the Father in the Holy of Holies. Today we are safe in the secret place of the Most High. We can come with fearless confidence before the throne of grace knowing that we are righteous children of God. (full length message, 72 min)

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