4: Forgiveness, Part 4: Confession of Sins

Q: Do we need to confess our sins to be forgiven?

Q: What about confession of sins for the believer? Do I need to ask God to forgive me each time I sin?

Q: What about 1 John 1:9?

Q: If a Believer Fails to Confess Even One of His Sins Before He Dies, Will He Go to Hell?

In this episode of A Real View Q & A podcast we answer the question: do I have to confess every sin in order to be forgiven? To answer this question, we look at the context of 1 John 1:9 and other scriptures that speak of forgiveness of sins. We also bring the question to where the “rubber meets the road” and use simple spiritual logic: as a believer in Jesus Christ, can I lose my righteousness because I sin and neglect to confess it? Am I forgiven or not?