A Real View Q & A Podcast

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“A Real View Q & A Podcast” is aimed at answering questions about God's amazing grace. Tricia Gunn, founder of Parresia, and author of Unveiling Jesus, along with Marianne Jenkins, a member of the panel on A Real View talk show, discuss all-things-grace in response to your questions. When our eyes are opened to the finished work of Jesus and the purity of the Gospel of grace, there is a common response: "This seems too good to be true!" Perhaps that was your response, too. In your heart of hearts, you know it IS true because you have never felt so loved by Jesus, but you still have questions that arise for a variety of reasons:

  • perhaps you've believed a mixed Gospel your whole life - a little Old Covenant law mixed with New Covenant grace - and now you're ready to rightly divide the word of truth

  • there might be certain scriptures that confuse you, and you'd like some clarification

  • you just can't get enough of God's grace, and you want to know everything you can about Jesus!

We do our best to answer your questions as clearly as possible, scripturally and compassionately. We have only one goal: to Unveil Jesus so that more and more will behold Him and receive His amazing grace.

NOTE: also enjoy several Q & A sessions from various events with Tricia Gunn and other leaders and pastors here.