A Real View of the Grace Life airs on Gospel Truth TV Sundays at 3:30CT/ 4:30 ET!

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A Real View of the Grace Life

A Real View airs on Gospel Truth TV, an online TV network of Andrew Wommack Ministries. The show times are the following:

  • Sundays at 3:30pm CT/ 4:30pm ET

  • Sundays at 3:30am CT/ 4:30am ET

What's it all about?

A Real View of the Grace Life is a talk show where people who have been ambushed by the amazing grace of  Jesus Christ discuss how their eyes are  opening more and more to what was  accomplished for them at the cross and how they are personally applying the truth of the Gospel to their own lives.

A Real View of the Grace Life communicates God’s grace authentically from the heart by everyday believers, not super-Christians. The panel of real people sharing real life are like the disciples who may have been untrained and uneducated, but they had been with Jesus. The show encourages others to behold Jesus and freely receive His love without guilt, shame, judgment, or condemnation through honest conversations about  living life under God’s superabundant grace.

TOPICS have included:

  • healing under grace

  • unconditional grace

  • living life without limits

  • overcoming doubt

  • the foundation of our faith is Jesus

  • ministry under grace

  • looking at the Bible through the lens of grace

  • spiritual warfare

  • no condemnation in Christ

  • perfect peace

  • women in the Bible who encountered Jesus

  • hope in Jesus

  • the Spirit of grace

  • identity in Christ

  • inheritance as a child of God

  • the paradigm shift from law to grace

  • relationships under grace

  • prayer from a New Covenant perspective

  • dealing with the sin issue under grace

  • resting in the finished work of Jesus

  • living from heaven down

  • living from the inside out

  • our good, good Father

  • our new nature in Christ

  • nothing can separate us from God's love

  • testimonies