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No More Terms and Conditions: God's grace is FREE with "no terms and conditions" because every decree and every charge against us was settled at the cross. What’s our part? To receive it by faith!

Healing Under Grace: The ladies on "A Real View" discuss the healing grace of God and share thier personal stories of God's healing. "This was to fulfill what was spoken through Isaiah the prophet: 'He Himself took our infirmities and carried away our diseases.'” (Matthew 8:17, NASB)

Ministry Under Grace, Part 2: This is the second part of a 2-part series of "A Real View of the Grace Life" where Tricia Gunn interviews Nichole Marbach of the Hope Center in Bolingbrook, IL, and Carla Jennings of Summit Church in Fort Wayne, IN. They discuss how God's amazing grace has affected their lives and their ministry.

Ministry Under Grace, Part 1: Tricia Gunn interviews Nichole Marbach of the Hope Center in Bolingbrook, IL, and Carla Jennings of Summit Church in Fort Wayne, IN. They discuss how God's amazing grace has affected their lives and their ministry.

The Foundation of Our Faith: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! No other foundation can anyone lay but Jesus Christ. Everything is peripheral to Him. Jesus is the Center of everything!

Overcoming Doubt: What is the key to having faith to move mountains? The key is overcoming doubt! What is doubt? Condemning ourselves. If we don’t condemn ourselves, there is nothing standing in the way of living the life that God has called us to.

Our New Nature In Christ: The panel discusses the truth of our new nature in Christ and how we live as a new creation in Him.

Nothing Can Separate Us: The panel discusses how nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus, NOTHING! He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Living from the Inside Out: The panel discusses the importance of renewing our minds to the truth of our position in Christ and beholding Him. We are transformed outwardly by that inward reality.

Living from Heaven Down: The panel discusses the reality that we are seated in heavenly places in Christ and how setting our minds on things above gives us rest and a peaceful life no matter what is going on around us.

What I Saw I Can Never Unsee: Stories of how our eyes were opened to grace. In this episode the panel shares testimonies of how they encountered the Spirit of grace.

The Sin Issue: What happens when we mess up? In this episode the panel discusses the challenges with the flesh, how to deal with sin, why we still sin, and the truth that we no longer have a sinful nature.

Resting in the Finished Work: How has the revelation of grace given you rest? Rest is the greatest result of the revelation of grace. The panel discussed how knowing we are perfectly loved overcomes all fears and how walking in the wisdom of God puts us on the path of peace. 

Relationships Under Grace: How does the understanding grace change how we relate to people? The panel discusses relationships - marriage, parenting, friendship - and how finding our identity in Jesus changes the way we relate to each other.

Prayer of the Righteous: How has the revelation of grace changed the way we pray? The panel discusses how the revelation of grace affects our prayer life and our faith, the boldness to approach the throne of grace, and how we talk to God knowing that we are righteous and “as Jesus is.” 

The Paradigm Shift: The revelation of grace changes our perspective on everything! See how grace changes the way we think and the clear dichotomy that we see when our eyes are opened to the contrasts, for example, being under the New Covenant versus the Old covenant and being Jesus-centered instead of self-centered.

Our Inheritance in Christ: What does it mean to be a co-heir with Christ? As believers we are co-crucified, co-buried, co-raised, and co-ascended with Jesus, and we are seated in Christ at the right hand of God. We receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness and we reign in life, no matter what our circumstances are.

Identity in Christ: What does it mean to be righteous? The panel discusses the topic of righteousness and why it takes faith to believe we are righteous. They talk about assurance of salvation and the truth that there is no judgment for the righteous.