Will the Reap Gospel Please Stand Up?

Tricia Gunn founder of ParresiaBill Snell president of Missionary Ventures, and Mark Machen pastor of Life of Faith Church will partnered together for this 4-part series.

Rich audio excerpts available below. 
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This 4-part series unveils the Gospel of Grace with a focus on the following:

  • the finished work of Jesus and the great exchange
  • identity of the Father, the identity of Jesus, and the identity of the believer
  • how Jesus identified with sin and the curse for us
  • what it means to be righteous sons of God
  • how the lost are saved
  • how to distinguish between the true Gospel and pseudo-grace doctrines

Session 1: Before the Beginning, by Bill Snell. Click here for excerpt. The Good News is better than most have thought, but an inadequate view of God and His ultimate intention for man has resulted in a myopic view of the Gospel, spiritual immaturity, and cultural irrelevance. (Full length message 68 min)

Session 2: The Importance of Sound Doctrine, by Mark Machen. Click here for excerpt. How do you know that you are hearing sound doctrine? Paul continually instructs us to follow after sound doctrine so that we are not led astray by error and false teaching. Sound doctrine will cause us to discover and experience the life that God has given us. (Full length message 71 min)

Session 3: Is Everyone Saved? by Tricia Gunn. Click here for excerpt. Sometimes in order to help people understand the good news, you have to tell them what the good news is not. This teaching is designed to contrast the differences in the true message of the Gospel of grace and the pseudo grace doctrines of Universalism and Inclusionism. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but by Him. As many as received Him, to them He gives the right to become children of God. See scripture list below. (Full length message - 77 min. See excerpt page for list of scriptures in the full length teaching)

Session 4: Grace Applied, by Bill Snell. Click here for excerpt. How good is the Good News? The Apostle Paul reveals in scripture 'the mysteries' of that which had been hidden through the ages, held in prophetic suspense till the revelation of God's abundant grace in Christ was revealed.